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Nederman Dental FX System

Aerosol Control Solution

for the dental office

Providing Clean Air for Dental Offices Through At-Source Capture System

Eliminate aerosol exposure  - Protect people - Enhance the practice

Nederman Dental FX

Protect people & enhance your business

Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) release airborne particles and droplets that can increase the risk of respiratory infections. Nederman’s aerosol control solutions proactively help protect dentists, their patients and their employees from these airborne


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Clean air is the cornerstone of workplace safety. With more than 75 years of experience in workplace clean air – Nederman is the market leader in clean air technologies.

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PPE is only the base

of protection

The CDC’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends applying a hierarchy of controls to mitigate risk of airborne contaminants resulting for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). While no single system can fully mitigate risk, the use of well-designed engineering controls, as a part of a multi-tiered safety strategy and independent working interactions, can significantly reduce worker exposure to hazardous aerosols. 

Engineering Control

is the way to go

 Ambient air cleaning techniques used by some does not remove the immediate worker exposure to aerosols. Substitution of the aerosols for something else is not possible in the dentist industry. And to eliminate the source, to remove the patient or the dentist is not possible either. Engineering control is the way to go. An independent study found that the Nederman FX2 extraction arm achieved 100% capture efficiency

Recirculating air cleaning devises

are not effective enough

With the Nederman FX and you remove 100% of the aerosols direct at source without having it spread into the room.


Avoid recirculation even if air is filtered.

Exhaust the potentially infected

aerosols completely.

Maximum aerosol capture

An independent study found that the Nederman FX extraction arm achieved 100% capture efficiency with adequate air volume and proper hood positioning.

Save valuable floor space

The Nederman Dental FX is a secure and easy to use ceiling-mounted extraction arm maximizes valuable workspace and minimizes trip hazards. 

Installation flexibility

Configurable solutions allow offices to exhaust aerosols, filter the air stream and can be adapted for single or multiple chair arrangements reducing the average cost per chair.


Dentists Recommend

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Dr. Julie Spaniel

"With the FX extraction arm with create a cleaner, more sanitary environment across the board. We are very satisfied. Easy to work with and protect us and our patients."

Dr. Hernani

"After consideration of other products available in the market, I decided to add the Nederman system to my dental aerosol control safety measures."

The Sustainable Approach



Capture the aerosol at the source using a high air volume extraction (HVE) system with articulating extraction arm with well positioned hood.


Where possible, exhaust the captured aerosol safely from the building with Nederman certified medical grade High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter or without if not possible.


Where it's not possible to exhaust. Do not spread the aerosols into the room before cleaning as ambient room cleaning units do. Instead remove directly at source and filter the aerosol with the Nederman medical grade HEPA filter before recyclling the air. 


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Aerosol Protection Dentists
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