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Effective -

 Easy to use -Easy to install

as simple as that

Portable Air Filter

Why not to use Ambient Air Cleaning

• Relies on frequent room air volume changes

• Difficult to predict room air patterns

• Only filters what makes it into the system

• Does not protect worker breathing zone

 100% capture efficiency

Source Capture

The most effective aerosol control

Nederman’s source capture method is the most effective and energy efficient engineering control solution. An independent study found that the Nederman FX extraction arm achieved 100% capture efficiency with adequate air volume and proper hood positioning.

At source Aerosol advantages

• Maximum aerosol capture

• Permanent refined solution

• Installation flexibility

• Low noise

• Save valuable floor space

• Unique maneuverability

Dentist Aerosol installed sticker-01.png

Key Results

Protecting people

Enhancing the practice 

Eliminate aerosol exposure 

Dental Ambient 300dpi.png
Maximum aerosol capture

Independent study found that the Nederman FX2 extraction arm achieved 100% capture efficiency.

Unique maneuverability

Highly flexible and simple to position,
extend and retract. The two outermost

arm joints can rotate 360°. Position the hood exactly where required and lock in place without obstructing the dental procedure.

Low noise level

Noise levels less than 60 dB, equivalent to a normal conversation, at the rated airflow.

Always the right spot

Flexible and simple to position. Outer joints can rotate 360° to position exactly where you need it

6 FX2-ORIGINAL-D75-L1500-Up-Low_ceiling_
Flexible installation

A secure, ceiling-mounted extraction arm maximizes valuable workspace and minimizes trip hazards. With smooth and low-profile design to match medical office environments. Constructed of durable anodized aluminum.

PLUS arm with semi transparant false cei

Individual or central aerosol extraction systems available. Single or multiple chair arrangements.

Choice in configuration

Installation is similar to is a relatively straight forward procedure for qualified contractors. Nederman provides the key components including the arm, fan and filter and then the local installing contractor will adapt the system to your specific building following Nederman’s factory engineered design guidelines. Not all buildings are the same but most operatory systems can be installed in one day. Our qualified technicians carry out many varied types of installations in a wide range of scenarios and as such we strive to ensure that each installation is perfectly suited to the environment we will install in

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