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Proven Capture Performance

Eliminate aerosol exposure - Protect people - Enhance the practice

Nederman FX solution is successfully installed in Europe and US. Read about two of them.

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Dr. Spaniel

Summerwood Family Dental in Portland, Oregon, knew that PPE was not enough to keep their patients and staff safe during aerosol generating procedures.

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Dr. Hernani

Dr. Hernani, after consideration of other products available in the market, decided to add the Nederman system to his dental aerosol control safety measures.

Dentist Aersol protection Spain

Dr. Melero

We are delighted. The truth is that the result of implementing the extraction has been fantastic.

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Breathe Easy! It’s the Era of Cleanroom Dentistry! Listening to the podcast and interview with Dr. Julie Spaniel from Dental Coaching Institute. 

Creating a “Dental Clean Room” for Summerwood Family Dental

Summerwood Family Dental in Portland, Oregon, knew that PPE was not enough to keep their patients and staff safe during aerosol generating procedures.


They took a proactive, research-based approach to controlling aerosols when they reopened after the COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders.


Having more than 30 years experience of treating patients, Summerwood’s owner, Dr. Julie Spaniel was aware of the dangers of bodily fluids causing contamination in a dental office. In order to provide a safer, cleaner environment for everyone, she needed a way to evacuate the aerosols and remove them at the source.


“With COVID being aerosolized in the salivary fluids, I knew the velocity of these aerosols during a dental procedure was problematic. My dental drill runs at 500,000 - 700,000 revolutions per minute. When you have air and water forced through my hand piece at that rate of speed, I am not just creating salivary aerosol, I am creating a windstorm of bacteria and virus around the room”, said Dr. Spaniel.


A first of its kind in the U.S., she came up with the concept of isolation, ventilation and filtration – “Dental Clean Rooms™.” Her husband Adam knew adding HEPA filtration to the building’s HVAC system would be a good countermeasure and would remove particles from ambient air, where they could already have come in contact with people. And, they needed a tool that removed aerosols from the source, or the area where the dentist and patient were, not the room as a whole.


Not only does Summerwood Dental hope their FX2 extraction arm will help protect against COVID-19, they also want to use it to help prevent other contagious diseases like the flu. Even in past work years, Dr. Spaniel comes down with a cold or the flu six to seven times a year due to the nature of her work. The FX2 extraction arm is helping them create a cleaner, more sanitary environment across the board.

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Dr. Hernani, Portugal

Dr Hernani is a well experimented dentist  located at the Centre of Lisbon.

During the first wave of Covid-19 Dr Hernani was concerned about the problem of aerosol spraying and the  dangers this presented to himself, his colleagues and his clients. He researched a solution among several national and international suppliers, many of them exclusive suppliers for dental equipment.

Many suppliers offered mobile air purification units, however as an experienced practitioner Dr Hernani felt that a solution that completely removed bacteria and potential virus from the surgery would be better.

Dr Hernani spoke to one of his colleagues who was also researching a solution, Nederman was recommended so Dr Hernani turned to us for help.

Our sales team was able to explain how the FX2 arm system works, we provided a video of a recent installation in Italy, and discussed how this system would work in his own surgery. We then agreed to perform a site visit to discuss installation further.

Initially Dr Hernani had concerns about the dimensions of the clear rectangular hood, his primary concern was that it would interfere in some way with his work, he also questioned whether the airflow would be enough to remove aerosols generated during procedures. One of the key benefits of the acrylic hood is that it increases the catchment area of the extraction hose, as aerosols spray coming from the patients mouth increases in size fairly rapidly the hood prevents anything missing the hose. The articulation of the FX2 arm means that the hood can be placed in a suitable position with little to no impact on the dentist or assistant during working times. A study has shown that the FX2 removes almost 100% aerosol during procedures.

After a few days of working with the system Dr Hernani called us to say that the results were exceeding his expectations and that he now feels safer at work during the pandemic, this was no doubt also improving the confidence of his clients and colleagues also.

Dr Hernani saw that investing in the Nederman FX2 system was a long term solution which is likely to serve his surgery and keep his clients and colleagues safe for many years to come.

Hernani Case
Dentist Aersol protection Spain

Protecting dentist and patients in Spain.

Segosalud is a clinic located in the nice medieval village of Turegano, in the province of Segovia (Spain).

Dr. Cristina Melero, founder and director of the clinic, has always been interested in the latest advances in quality equipment for dental clinics, and especially with regard to air quality in cabinets.

Cristina tells us about her experience: “we've always been very concerned about air quality in the clinic and the arrival of the Covid made “panic.” Now, with the extraction arms that we've implemented both patients and staff feel safe. The system is very efficient, comfortable and quiet”.

The rest of the staff are equally satisfied with the aerosol extraction solution implemented. Soraya Rodríguez, Auxiliary at the clinic tells us: “We are delighted. The truth is that the result of implementing the extraction has been fantastic. We feel protected in our work and the patients have received it wonderfully.”

Segosalud was stablished in 2013. The clinic has two cabinets in which it has implemented two extraction arms Nederman FX fixed to ceiling on his dentist chairs.

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